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This is a redesign of an EPAMD (Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device) for elderly people.


Common EPAMDs have limited storing capacities for items. This design concept offers a solution to this problem.


Cubo's space for storage is directly located beneath the seat. This increases the available space for storage. Furthermore, elderly people do not need to lift their items for storing. They can just put their items beneath the seat, which has a slip-proof bottom.


Furthermore, this design helps to avoid common misusages: the overloading of the front basket with items, hanging items on the steering wheel, placing items on the foot pad. Therefore the driver's attention will not be distracted by misplaced items.


This modern design will be a key in the future of the EPAMD market.


Project partner: Chris Wu

Exhibited in:

Taipei Young Designers' Exhibition 2008


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